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Save The Boardwalk

Save The Boardwalk

Wildwood has received generous contributions to make the necessary repairs to reopen the boardwalks and proper permitting for construction in a wetland has been secured.

As of July 6, 2022 the project was publicly bid but did not receive eligible bids. It will be put out to bid again as soon as possible. Boardwalk repairs will be delayed until winter or early spring of 2023, when a suitable contractor can be secured through the public bidding process.

Thank you for your patience in getting the boardwalks re-opened.

Thanks to support from the following organizations, we are able to move this project forward as quickly as possible:

Donations to Friends of Wildwood are encouraged as there are many boardwalk repairs necessary and repair costs have increased significantly. We are grateful for donations in any amount. For donations of $500 and above, special recognition will be provided.

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Thank you to all donors!