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Educator Workshops

Dauphin County Parks and Recreation works in conjunction with organizations such as the PA Game Commission, PA Fish and Boat Commission, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the PA Department of Education to introduce educators to quality natural history curriculums. Educators, both formal and non-formal, have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of history and nature by attending educator workshops. Wildwood workshops deal with topics such as wetlands, forests, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and plants and animals. Wildwood workshops could include the following curricula:

Upcoming Workshops

Endangered Species Workshop

Thursday, April 11 | 9AM – 3PM

Why are some species endangered while others are flourishing? Are the species endangered at the state, federal or global level? Join Educators to explore the concepts and issues surrounding threatened and endangered species, investigate “how” and “why” species become endangered and threatened, examine laws affecting these species and discover methods biologists are using to help species recover. Participants will take a short hike to explore the importance of wetlands to many endangered species and to get a close-up view of the endangered Great Egret. Dress is casual for indoor and outdoor activities. A morning snack and ACT 48 hours will be provided. Workshop is limited to 20 participants. Pre-registration required.

Participants will receive the PA Biodiversity guide and additional resources and hands-on activities specifically for use in teaching students about threatened and endangered species. Activities are most suitable for grades 4 through 10 but background information is valuable for educators.

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Aquatic Wild Educator Workshop

Tuesday, August 6 | 9Am – 3PM

Water covers over 70% of the Earth! In our state alone, there are over 86,000 miles of streams and rivers! Join educators from Wildwood Park and DCNR- PA State Parks to explore water habitats from wetlands and streams to oceans. Discover aquatic plant and animal adaptations, prepare to get wet examining aquatic organisms, determine the importance of riparian zones and investigate real-world issues affecting earth’s water systems. Participants will receive the Aquatic WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide with over 40 hands-on activities that can help educators incorporate place-based, STEAM activities about wildlife, people and the aquatic environment into their curricula or group programming.

This workshop is for any educator interested in teaching about aquatic wildlife & ecology such as classroom teachers, non-formal educators, college students studying to be teachers (pre-service), school administrators, homeschool teachers and youth leaders. Morning refreshments and snack provided. ACT 48 hours are available for PA Certified Teachers. The workshop will be held indoors and outdoors.

Aquatic WILD is part of the Project WILD program and uses the science-based, award-winning format of the Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide to address concepts, principles, and issues relating to aquatic wildlife, habitat and ecosystems, as well as actions to sustain these important resources.

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