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Scout Programs

Dauphin County Parks and Recreation embraces the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Our program educates scouts about nature and the environment. We encourage all scouts to look into our programs and workshops for different levels. We offer a variety of programs on topics such as wonderful water, night owl, animals, plants and bugs. We do not accept requests for troop or pack specific programs.

Programs & Badges: Designed to address the badges, skills and interests of multiple levels of scouts. Open to all scout troops or packs in the appropriate scout level.

Chaperones: Due to space, please limit the number of adults staying with the scouts during the program, to those required by your organization. Please let us know the number of chaperones.

Times: Will vary with the program.

Bring: Please bring a simple snack, drink, and lunch.

Dress: Scouts should wear closed-toed shoes and clothes suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Fee: $12.00 per scout (for most programs). Leaders are responsible for obtaining badges and awards.


Upcoming Programs

Cub Scouts: Tigers in the Wild

Sunday, March 24 from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Venture out into the wild to discover the plants and animals that inhabit Wildwood. Learn how to prepare for a hike and examine the principles of “Leave No Trace.” Tigers will learn how to search for signs of animals and identify trees and plants. The program will include a hike to explore the diverse plants and animals in the Park.  Please bring a drink and a snack. Dress for indoor and outdoor activities in clothes that may get dirty and wear sneakers or other closed-toed shoes. Pre-registration required.

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Daisies/Brownies: Bugs

Saturday, May 18 from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Explore the world of insects and discover their important roles in our environment. Scouts will examine insect habitats while on a hike and take a closer look at these amazing creatures by catching and identifying bugs at Wildwood. The program will end with an insect craft. Please bring a drink, snack, and lunch. Dress for indoor and outdoor activities and wear closed-toed shoes. Scouts will complete the requirements for the patch and/or badge. Patch and badges are not provided by Wildwood. Pre-registration required.

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Daisies/Brownies: Shapes in Nature

Sunday, June 2 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Exploring outdoors is always enjoyable and even more so when searching for shapes and patterns in nature. During this program scouts will investigate Wildwood Park to discover patterns in insects, leaves, spiders and their webs. They will also observe the many colors of birds and record their findings on a chart or graph. With the help of staff, scouts will report their bird count to eBird. The program will end with a craft and summary of their discoveries. Please bring a snack and a drink. Dress for the weather. Sneakers or other close-toed shoes recommended. Leaders are responsible for obtaining badges for their scouts. Pre-registration required.

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